Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lawson is 3 months old!

Daddy showing Lawson my parents' dog Remmington. He is the best dog in the world!
Everytime I give him kisses he tries to eat my mouth!

Ready to ride at Copiah Creek!
Jessa & I on the Banana!

Family picture at Aaron's cousin Maggie's Wedding

All the Carter Girls with our babies! Well Amber's is on the way!

My sister Jessi and I on the coolest most fun floatie EVER!

The baby is laughing!

Wearing Daddy's Costas!

Passed Out!

I love these moments

This is what happens when my parents babysit!

I'm not listening!

Our Beautiful New Family

Lawson Scott Sullivan born on April 24, 2009 at
6 pounds 6 ounces! The doctor had to do an emergency
C-section because my blood pressure was so high. I will never
forget the amazing feeling when I first heard his cry.
He is the most beautiful baby in the world!

Bun In The Oven!
Releasing the Balloons!

The Most Beautiful Cake EVER!

My Best Friend's at my baby shower

Lawson's Room Deana painted!

Holly & I - 37 weeks!

36 weeks

33 weeks

29 weeks

My Precious Baby on his way

Chae & Aaron

We love riding four wheelers!

My JCJC Graduation night
Panama City Beach